Online RowaPhos calculator

Ever wondered how much RowaPhos to use? The calculator will determine the dosage needed for your aquarium.

To remove the same amount of phosporus, saltwater aquarium needs double amount of RowaPhos compared to freshwater aquarium



Recommended amount of RowaPhos to use in phosphate reactor: tbsp / ml / oz

Important: Phosphates will not be removed overnight, this is continuous process. Live rocks and substrate absorb phosphates and release them into water when phosphate level in water becomes lower. Ideal phosphate level in saltwater aquarium should be less than 0.03ppm. It must not be zero, as your corals need some. Adding way too much phosphate remover into reactor will reduce phosphates too quickly and sensitive corals may react negatively, or may even be damaged.

Recommended flow in reactor: make sure RowaPhos gently tumbles, you should only see slight jumping of upper particles.

Multiply recommended amount by the factor of two if you intend to use RowaPhos in a bag rather than reactor.

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